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Ethernet's Emergence from Xerox PARC -- April 13, 2022 IEEE Webinar

Ethernet's Emergence from Xerox PARC

Time Speaker/Panelist(s) Description
0:00:00 Tom Coughlin Introduction to the IEEE Santa Clara Valley (SCV) Technology History Committee
0:01:44 Geoff Thompson Introduction of panelists;  Agenda
0:18:21 Bob Metcalfe Xerox PARC Ethernet:  Invention, key technologies and contributions
0:27:05 David Liddle Initial Xerox Ethernet products;  Managing expectations for Ethernet in corporate Xerox
0:45:32 Gordon Bell DEC VAX networking strategy;  Ethernet as "unifying key to 5th generation" computers
1:05:41 Bob Metcalfe Consulting for DEC's interconnect strategy task force;  Petitioning Xerox to partner on Ethernet
1:08:47 David Liddle  Managing Ethernet's emergence from Xerox;  Insisting on compliance to Ethernet license
1:12:08 Bob Metcalfe Introducing Intel to Ethernet;  catalyst to start 3Com
1:13:57 Liddle, Shoch, Metcalfe Interactions with IBM over Ethernet
1:19:10 David Liddle Decision making culture at IBM & Xerox;  Xerox relinquishes trademark protection for Ethernet
1:22:56 Dave Redell, Rich Seifert Collaboration between DEC, Intel, and Xerox (DIX) on the 10-mbps Ethernet "Blue Book" spec
1:31:37 Rich Seifert Crafting a robust physical layer spec;  New DC-voltage-level detection of collisions on cable
1:37:21 Roy Ogus Xerox SDD 3 and 10-mbps Ethernet/XeroxWire adapters for D0 and Dandelion workstations
1:43:04 Robert Garner Show & tell: Tat Lam's Ethernet transceiver, Alto & Dandelion/Star workstations & Ethernet adapters
1:59:47 Bob Belleville From minis to Macintosh's AppleTalk;  Intel 8086 PC prototype in Xerox SDD (Cub)
2:06:27 Thompson, Tom Gardner Q&A session:
2:06:41 Rich Seifert Did DEC & Intel prototype 10-mbps Ethernet adapters during DIX spec timeframe?
2:10:10 Hal Murray, Shoch, Siefert Xerox's PUP & XNS internet protocols vs. TCP/IP;  Xerox's Ethernet infrastructure;  48b addresses
2:22:14 Geoff Thompson Was Ethernet's progression from a few megabits/sec to today's gigabits/sec anticipated?
2:24:19 Thompson & Seifert Why aren't Ethernet/Metcalfe & Boggs likened to Telegraph/Morse and Telephone/Bell?
2:25:56 Geoff Thompson Thanks and acknowledgments!