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December 2010

Ethernet Lobby at Stanford Huang Center

The Ethernet Lobby at the Stanford School of Engineering's new Jen-Hsun Huang Engineering Center is a gift from many Stanford faculty and students who contributed to the invention, productization, standardization and commercialization of Ethernet. Those making this gift played key roles in Ethernet's success. Ethernet was invented in 1973 at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center by Bob Metcalfe (also at that time on the faculty at Stanford and one of my PhD thesis advisors) and David Boggs (also at that time a fellow graduate student at Stanford.)

Ethernet Lobby
Ethernet Lobby


Ethernet Lobby Plaque
Donor Plaque



Len Shustek, John Shoch, Robert Garner, Yogen Dalal, Ron Crane



Roy Ogus, John Wakerly, David Liddle, Robert Garner, Ron Crane